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> >"In lievu Asueli, kui lenavit av India ugue Ediobian subel kendun piindi
> >seden pulovingia: kuanlo selit in solio leni sui, suzan kivida leni eiu
> >esoliun puit. Teldio iidul ano imbeli sui pegit lanle konviviun kundi
> >pulingibivu, et pueli sui, podisimi pezalun, et Melolun ingulidi, et
> >pulevedi pulovingialun kolan se, ut ozdenlelet lividia lolie leni sui,
> >ak manidulinen, ague yadandian podendie sue, muldo tembole, kendun
> >et ogdoinda lievu."

>     Nice-nesssss... Got a name for it yet? Two lil suggestions:
> or something like that, from "conundrum." Or something derived from
> "paradigm" and/or "paradise."

Thanks. Well it's really Latin with a number of strategic letter
replacements using Word, and an effort to see how Fr. Daniel Boucher's
adapted Latin for Trolls would sound. (We're in the realm of fiction now.)
It was the missionary's plan to give these misunderstood creatures a
decent-sounding languager rather than a crude-sounding collection of grunts,
or something like Klingon. He really wanted to "civilize" the
neo-Neanderthals and integrate them into the human population -- an
endeavour highly unlikely to be successful, but Father Danny was a strange
breed of idealist. But at least they had a language they could work with.

The Trolls never got the hang of playing Father Boucher's Cajun accordion
however (it was destroyed the second day he arrived in Antarctica), and
resorted to beating on things to make a sort of music, more in the style of
Spike Jones....