Andrew Strader wrote:
Hi, I searched the archive for this topic, but with no luck. I wonder if
anyone has experience with designing a language with a minimal grammar, that
is, with the fewest number of rules, but with which it is still possible to
construct all correct sentences.

Depends what you mean by grammar!  My Telona has a very simple
*syntax*, with no distinctions between parts of speech, but naturally
that shifts the burden of communication from the syntax onto the
lexical domain. (Incidentally, re: your last clause, I'm not sure that it's
possible to construct a syntactically *in-*correct sentence in

I have the webspace from Christophe (merci!) - now if I can just pin
the damn' thing down, I can start giving Telona some web presence
... not long now!


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Playing among the ruined languages...'
Auden/Britten, 'Hymn to St. Cecilia'