On Sunday 14 April 2002 05:52, Roger Mills wrote:

> For instance, I
> use WordPerfect 8, which doesn't seem very well-liked, but what can I
> do?

I *like* WP 8 a lot, but our present system refuses to run it, and
anyway I don't have much use for word processing these days (I do
everything in plain text or HTML which is also basically plain text,
and for the little things that do need formatting KWord is usually

> I will, like John Cowan, offer to proofread (English only); being
> retired I certainly have the time,  but the downside might be that my
> computer skills are minimal.

I have computer skills (notably HTML and web design skills, though I
don't do plugins and style sheets) and I can proofread English, Dutch
and Latin (though there's probably little demand for *that*).


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