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> By the way, since that was my first post, I'll say a
> few words of introduction.


> I also feel compelled to comment on a month-old
> thread--the most beautiful phonology. I am very
> partial to labial and dental consonants, espcially
> non-stops.  I love interdental fricatives, l, f, and
> voiceless/aspirated w.  If I have to pick a full
> system, I'll take Sindarin. However, the phone I'm
> proudest of being able to pronounce are the voiceless
> and voiced pharygeal fricatives.

You manage to pronounce them?!!!! Well, you have my full and complete
admiration. I've been trying for more than 10 years and am still unable to
pronounce anything further back than the uvula, except for the glottal stop and
the aspirated h :((( (and even in front of the uvula things are not that good :
(( ).

 If I'd spent more
> time in my Arabic classes trying to learn the language
> rather than master those, I might know some Arabic! :)

As you've probably seen, Arabic is one of those languages which is quite liked
on the list.


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