There is a system of phonological writing called the
However, this is not easy to write in email, text
documents, and html. So people have made various
ASCII-IPA transilteration schemes. I believe X-SAMPA
is the most popular on the list:
However, personally I like to use Kirshenbaum :)

Anyway, some examples:
T = th, like THink
& = a, like in tAg or Active
D = th, like THis, THat
S = sh, like aSH
Z = s,j,zh, like in meaSure or french Je
Hope that helps!

--- Sudár Balázs <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>         David Peterson <[log in to unmask]>
> 2002.04.16. 19:55:06 -4h-kor írta:
> > "fawiT, Gug&g, tSagZil-a-Gariz, waj min DidZejsat
> wazid..."
> Hi everyone!
> Is it normal, that instead of letters I see only
> signs like "&"? (See above) I think you know but I'm
> new among you, so I'd like to ask you what the big
> letters mean (f.e. tSagZil-a-Gariz), is it a
> phonological writing? Excuse me for asking things
> like that, but it's still difficult for me to
> understand these things you all know. Thanks:
>         Balazs
> --
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