Sorry to jump into a six-month-old discussion, but I haven't read my
conlang mail since then:

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 08:38:51AM -0700, Matthew Pearson wrote:

> --- Joey Morlan wrote:
> Where can I find a grammar of the Kesh language, invented for
> Ursula LeGuin's _Always Coming Home_?  This has long been
> I doubt if there is anything.  I also love Kesh, but I don't imagine
> that LeGuin developed the morphology and syntax enough to warrant a grammar.

I don't know whether she wrote *much* grammar, but as a teenager I did
write to her to ask about some grammar points and got back a letter with
one or two things that weren't in the book.  Not sure where the letter is.
I do hope I didn't leave it pinned to the bulletin board (like a cork
board but not cork) by my desk in my old bedroom in my parents' house!
I shudder to think of 12-13 years of sunlight baking the paper...

(Most recent idea: