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>I'd like to see a "cosmic" (Latin _saeculum_, Greek _kosmos_) use of "it"
>in a conlang, with the following meanings:
>It's (the weather) hotter than a stump burning at both ends today.
>It's (the world, the times) all going to hell in a handbasket.

    I have _yet again_ changed the name of my conlang...  to *ta-da!*
_callipoeia_ (hint of the Muse Calliope of both the Greeks and Romans;
calliope the organ-like music instrument... "calli" = beautiful, "poeia"= ...
well, you know, _beaucoup_ loads of words & meanings...) After much
searching, neologisms, & etc., the name callipoeia fits with the total 1/2
serious, 1/2 whimsical _Gestalt(en)_ of my conlang than all previous names.
::GiDDy GRiNNie::
    As to callipoeia's "environmental pronoun," I am thinking the Greek _on_
and _ontos_ (meaning "being, thing, that which has existence") might work as
both an environmental pronoun and what I want to call an "existential verbal
copula" (does that sound right?).
     Though still working on the lexicon, the VSO syntax, & yet to hammer out
a "Spelin Reeform"-ation - the infamously "threatened" Czhangster Spelin
Reeform, something like:

    ontoaum efemeri caumapluz ex Gehinnommime
<exists/to be (the weather) today hot-plus [from] Hell-like>

    ontoaum omni cade en Gehinnom
<exists/to be all (the world- the cosmos, the times) down [to] Hell>
    {a _nice_ invective sorta like _Mein Gott im Himmel_ is for German}

    ontoaum biblio en tabul
<exists/to be book [on] table>

Hanuman Zhang
"When you lose a language,
it's like dropping a bomb
on a museum." ~~~ Kenneth Hale
en callipoeia:
     atzelarando gwarraum uia verziz panmorda ex lexiplex!
 forteizmo adhoc poeiaum uia polilexiplex ex amoebamutando continaum : aum!

trans-litteral-slice-ation into English:
    accelerando war you-me against all-death of language(s)!
fortissimo ad hoc create you-me language[s] of change-mutation continuous,