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>As for what I can read in e-mail, with my webmail I can read only plain text
>(even HTML appears as plain text with tags, though I can also open it in
>another window to see it correctly). On the other hand, by changing the
>encoding of the page, I can easily see Unicode, JIS, Cyrillic encodings, etc...
>But it sometimes doesn't work that well (it obliges to re-load the page, which
>the webmail program often doesn't like :)) ). As for UTF-8, I've never been
>able to see it correctly, even by changing encoding. So a definite no-no. And
>anything above Latin-1 obliges me to do something to see it correctly, so I
>don't advise it if you want me to read your post really carefully :)) .

Latin-1 comes through fine here, and I also have Agent set up to be able to
read Esperanto and Turkish encodings (8859-3 and 8859-9). Esperanto because
I used to subscribe to Esperanto-language Usenet groups, and Turkish
because of a recent thread on Turkish scales on the tuning list. It's not
too hard to set up Agent to read different encodings if a font is
available, but I don't think I can get it to handle real Unicode.

The last time I tried Mozilla, there were a few problems, but at least it
can read Unicode. Mozilla has since gone through a number of beta versions,
so it might be worth another try.

I ignore HTML attachments entirely.

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