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>     As for sentences, in the Arabic I learned, it's plain SVO: First
> comes
> the subject (unless it's a pronoun, in which case you leave it out),
> then
> comes the conjugated verb, then comes the object: ar-raZul jaqra
> al-kita:b.
> The-man reads the-book.  I heard it used to be VSO in the olden
> days...

Well, not only in the olden days. When a Tunisian friend of mine taught me the
basics of Arabic (Tunisian dialect), the word order was definitely VSO. And it
was only 8 years ago... Same with my Teach Yourself Arabic. It features a few
lessons in different dialects from all over the Arabic world, and in all those
dialects the word order is basically VSO, with SVO only used for emphasis.

I'm really wondering what strange dialect they teach you there...


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