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> I have to say it's maybe true, but I'm studying German language and
> literature in Hungary, and we get the articles of not german-speaking
> scientists in their own language! So we have to read Chomsky in russian,
> de Saussure in french, we've got an article of van Dijk in Dutch, too!
> And there's only a few of them translated in hungarian and a little more
> in german. So sometimes we have to work together to encode french or
> russian articles. That certainly doens't mean we speak all those
> languages, but we must be able - even when it takes time - to read those
> articles! It can't be that impossible for someone who is interested in
> languages to read a page of french or german text. So come on!

But I'm not talking about people who are interested in languages, but people
who are interested in hydrodynamics, and don't care about languages, don't
study them and don't have time to study them. I think the context of my words
was clear. Not everyone is a linguist you know. There are plenty of educated
people who are not linguists or litterature experts.


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