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>Sudár Balázs wrote:
>> So we have to read Chomsky in russian
>LOL! And here I go thinking it's hard enough to understand
>him in English! :D

    ::shudders at the thought of reading Chomsky in German or
*mock-gasp-&-gigglabyte-snarfle* hehe, Chomsky in Tok Pisin or Bislama ... or
even just plain old Ogden's BASIC English::

    Improvising Off the Theme of "Untranslated Notes" ;)
    I had a job long ago in a college music library... I had to have some
_very basic_ comprehension of most Western European musical terminology
(well, mainly titles of musical compositions, names of instruments, etc.) and
have a handy pocket-size multilingual music dictionary.
    One library technician, a "deep-fried Texan and Southerner," was
notoriously monolingual and he had one of those ultra-clunky-kludgey
electronic multilingual translators with a special plug-in module of musical
vocabulary. Every time his batteries were low, he would have a serious case
of "brain farts" and panic attacks. Naturally I would be ROTFLMAO. (OK, I
admit "sabotaging" his battery recharger a "little"...Too bad I couldn't
"hack" his translator to spew out musical terminology Jabberwocky,

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