Newton wrote:>
>On 27 Apr 02, at 15:00, Danny Wier wrote:
> > >I've never seen the name Christian (without trailing -e or -a) being
> > >used in a female sense, though I keep hearing that it exists in the
> > >US.  Weird.
> >
> > What about Christina? And there's the reporter Christiane Amanpour (her
> > name, ironically, is Iranian).
>I would consider those both female (together with Christine). But plain
>"Christian", spelled that way, I have only seen as a male name.
>All four names (-ian, -ine, -ina, -iane) are reasonably common in

In Swedish we've got a pretty impressive array of name variants derived from

Male: _Christian_, _Kristian_, _Christer_, _Krister_

Female: _Christina_, _Kristina_, _Christine_, _Kristin_, _Kerstin_*

* ['CEs`tin] - it's not only anglophones who can mangle Latin!

That's only the common versions - you can also see some real weird varieties
- I particularly detest _Qristina_. |Q| is simply not supposed to occure
execpt as part of |qu|/|qv|! I've also seen _Xristina_, presumeably intended
to resemble the look of the Greek original.


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