This time I already had most of the words and had fun making up the others.

>   Vocab:
>   1. bunny / rabbit
muhto - hare
mulle - young hare, bunny
I can't find a good book quickly, but I think hare would be the most likely
one to meet in Mamqos.

>   2. ferret
eittel - ermine (?), sometimes tamed to hunt rats

>   3. knife
kuuqi - knife used as a tool
tsaraci - a certain type of daggerlike weapon

>   4. alien / foreigner
boc - strange creature, monster
sarkjo - white donkey; light-haired person; foreigner. Not especially nice
connotations with the last meaning.

>   5. ouch! / ow!

>   6. help!
I'll skip this for now, too difficult.

>   7. aaaa! (a scream of terror)
haaa! - ha is used for almost anything

>   8. aaaargh! (a scream of pain / failure / death)
jooi for pain, ajj for anything else unpleasant and/or surprising

>   9. grrrr! (an intimidating growl)

>   10. blood

>   Context:
>   1. That bunny has a knife!
Tsaraciy här on muhto!
It "is holding" a knife.

>   2.  This is my ferret. She likes to dance!
Mir ha eittelfary. Aivr jiolojy!

>   3.  The bunny with the knife is coming for me!
Äymfayr mulle hära tsaraciy!
"Bunny that is holding a knife attacks me!"

>   4.  Does that alien eat people or not?
Ñöñar boc on tejey?
"Or not" would be totally unnecessary here.

>   5.  Ouch! The rabbit with the knife cut off my arm!
Jjooo-oi! Kyuwr haofary muhto tsaracirri!
It "skinned my arm with a knife"; it "skinned" my arm off me.

>   6.  Help! I'm bleeding to death!
Rwsifar jiilujar!
"I might die without blood!"
The Mamqosian use of uncertain mood for future is becoming more and more
absurd all the time...

>   7.  Aaaaa! The rabbit is coming back!
Haaa! Ayha uiqur muhto!

>   8.  Aaaargh! It cut off my other arm!
Ajiii! Se'haofary kyuwr!

>   9.  Grrrr! I will step on (crush / squish by foot) that rabbit!
Rrrawa! Rurwsifar muhtoy jelejrri jiitarri!
"...kill hare by walking on it."

>   10. The rabbit cut off my legs. Look at the pretty pools of blood.
Kyuwr muhto öiqaeefary. C'durwnar jiiluñdjäpauey neqwey.
"Blood brooks" here.

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