Raymond Brown <ray.brown@F...> wrote:
It would be. I've never been happy about having /r/ and /l/ as separate
phonemes in BrSc (for the 'name', see below) - that's one reason I'm
experimenting with the present 'syllabary' scheme
The trouble with keeping only phonems that most earthlings can tell and
execute is that you end up with the 7 usual gk, lr, m, n, bp, s, dt
archphonems or whatever equivalent allophones. if all auxlangs adopt this
minimal phonology, they will soon all sound the same.

Sorry - obviously I misunderstood.
no pb. that's why some keep designing auxlangs :-)

I understand "hoaxlang" as "hoax auxiliary language". Right - tho I'm still
not quite certain exactly what you mean. Maybe you've
detected that the IAL aim of BrSc is not being pushed.
The IAL aim of BrSc and Interlect seem be pushed technically but not
"politically". i guess you're making an auxlang with well-thought "minimal"
or "logical" or "universal" syntax or phonology or vocabulary for the fun of
it--not to save the world--and keeping in mind that what is easy for some is
hell to others: for instance i like Vorlin very much but as a french speaker
i feel putting all adjectives, let alone whole subclauses, before nouns is
difficult--knowing that the reverse is difficult for chinese and japanese.
esperantists would say that's why esperanto keeps word order free, but yet,
etc. Btw i like the Toki Pona pidgin auxlang-for-fun:


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