On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 08:13:11AM +0100, Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> Being a left-handed person, I can only applaud your initiative :))
> The only thing that I don't understand, is this: if you are use the whole
> left-hand set of keys and nothing but the left-hand set of keys, why don't
> you include "6"? It definitely belongs to the family of left-hand keys!

Logically, it would seem to, but touch-typing puts the '6' on the right
index finger (4 and 5 on the left index finger, 6 and 7 on the right).
The whole keyboard is divided for touch-typing by a slanting line that
starts between the 5 and 6 and ends between the b and n.  (Ridiculous
backward compatibility with typewriters that couldn't have keys right on
top of each other...)

And since my problem was that I couldn't slow down enough to type in a one-
handed hunt-and-peck and kept touch-typing even though it hurt, I was playing
around with creating something that I *could* touch-type.  But by the time
I was done inventing/documenting it, which required use of both hands
anyway, typing was no longer so painful :)

(I touch-type in Dvorak better than Qwerty, but I'd set my keyboard back
to Qwerty that day so that when I had to hunt-and-peck, I could remember
where the keys were... :)