Recently Mathias wrote:
"BrSc--did i write it right? and how should it articulate....?"

Well, _I_ don't know how one should articulate it.  If it were Lin, it
would be [B@r\@S@c@]; as Srikanth didn't inform us about stress, I guess
all syllables are equally stressed.  If it were in Babm [bO"a:bOmu], it
would be: [bOrasekO] (but then the upper-case S would be unexplained).  Of
course we could have syllabic _r_ as in SerboCroat, e.g., then assuming {S}
is s-haczek we'd get [br=Sts] - (not easy to say).

But it's not any of them. As I explained in reply to Mathias, it's not in
fact the name of my conlang - it was a nickname given by someone else.
Lest anyone else should be equally puzzled in the future by the strange
{BrSc}, maybe it's about time it were named.

In his "Comments on Solresol"
Stephen Rice starts with what he calls a "soapbox" about naming conlangs:
...only a twit would give a project a generic name.  _Solresol_ means
_language_; _Babm_ means _international language_; and _Lojban_ means
_logical language_.........The list of offenders is long: Glosa,
Interglossa, Interlingua (either one), etc.  Even Occidental, Frater, and
(for that matter) Esperanto use normal words for names.  (Though the choice
was not Zamenhof's, _Lingvo Internacia_ is hardly an improvement.)  If you
ever try creating a language, *PLEASE use some imagination in naming it.*
{end quote}

Well, I don't want to appear a twit and 'Br(ief) Sc(ript)' is certainly
generic; the alternative 'Br(own) Sc(ript)' just uses normal words as says
it's a script invented by Brown.  In fact it's not a separate script - it's
the plain ol' Roman script, just used a bit oddly  :)

So really I'm after feedback on two things:
1. Do you think Stephen has a point?  Should one avoid ordinary words or,
so to speak, a name that's just descriptive like "Speedwords" (which he
could've added to the list)?
2. How do/did you choose the name for your conlang(s)?

Also, if you have any suggestions for a name for poor little nameless, but
nicknamed 'BrSc', I'd be interested to read them - if only to get me to
think of something more imaginative  ;)

waiting for the deluge of replies    :)