At 7:57 PM +0100 04/24/02, Raymond Brown wrote:
>So really I'm after feedback on two things:
>1. Do you think Stephen has a point?  Should one avoid ordinary words or,
>so to speak, a name that's just descriptive like "Speedwords" (which he
>could've added to the list)?

No, I don't think the point is valid. It may be unimaginative, but
for an IAL, I think it would be a Mistake to use anything other than
a generic name. Certainly an ethnonym would not be appropriate for an

If your project is an artlang, you can name it whatever you'd like,
though if you're concerned with plausibility (and not all artlangs
are made with that in mind), an ethnonym is not a bad way to go.

>2. How do/did you choose the name for your conlang(s)?

The first name for my project, Tepa (pronounced ['t1Ba]), chose me.
It is actually the word in Shoshoni (and other Numic languages) which
means 'pine nut.' I really like the word -- I always have. It means
'speak' in the language. so there's another unimaginative name. The
current name is Miapimoquitch, which is Southern Paiute for 'Little
Hopi.' It is not a native term, but then I don't have access to
materials from native speakers (other than some petroglyphs :-); all
of my linguistic materials comes from transcriptions of a Paiute
bilingual. It's odd; the name 'Miapimoquitch' is much more appealing
intellectually, but 'Tepa' still gives me a thrill every time I see
or hear it (not a big thrill, but a thrill nonetheless).

>Also, if you have any suggestions for a name for poor little nameless, but
>nicknamed 'BrSc', I'd be interested to read them - if only to get me to
>think of something more imaginative  ;)

I actually like BrSc. It's concise and the potential ambiguity (Brief
~ Brown) is nice.

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