On Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:04:47 +0100, Michael Poxon <[log in to unmask]>

>Dear Jeff,
>I took a look at your 'Yemls pages, as a fan of CSS! Looking at the source
>code, it seems to have been generated by a program rather than typed by
>your good self (witness the large number of "font-size:100%" entries,
>which are the defaults and which you would not usually need to type).

Those 100%'s are hand-coded. I know and you know that's supposed to be the
default, but IE4 doesn't know. Otherwise, PRE and TT come out unreadably
tiny and TABLE entries come out huge.

>You may also find some of the font types will not be shown by many users;
>they can only display the fonts they have on their own machines, so it's
>best to stick to generic fonts like "sans-serif" rather than specific

Specific typefaces are only recommendations -- each is followed by a
generic name. My only worry concerns the generic cursive, since a lot of
cursive fonts seem to be illegible.

>Two attributes I find useful with text are "margin-right/left" which you
>can set in pixels or percentages of the page width, and "line-height",
>excellent for making large amounts of text readable. I prefer to use
>percentages with margins as you don't know what screen resolutions your
>visitors are using (though with a little bit of DHTML you can find out,
>and write a few lines of JavaScript to change settings). Line-height I
>like to set at about 1.3 to 1.6. Anyway, you might find some of this handy
>(or not!)

Thanks for the additional tips. Scripting is out at present, but I'll look
at the rest.