At 4:44 pm -0400 24/4/02, John Cowan wrote:
>Raymond Brown scripsit:
>> Also, if you have any suggestions for a name for poor little nameless, but
>> nicknamed 'BrSc', I'd be interested to read them - if only to get me to
>> think of something more imaginative  ;)

>of parcel/expanse of land, not country).  Since the name "Brsc" is
>pronounceable in Brsc, I see no reason why it should not become the name.

In fact it's not at the moment pronounceable in any current version of BrSc
milling around in my head  :)

Also the upper-case S is a bit odd - unless I follow the path of Lin, which
I'm not inclined to do at present (if ever).

>Its probably useless etymology will emphasize that it *is* just a name,
>not self-descriptive like "Lingvo internacia" or "Lojban".

True - and maybe something like Brs with either front, central or back
vowels will be adopted   ;)


At 2:47 pm -0600 24/4/02, Dirk Elzinga wrote:
>I actually like BrSc. It's concise and the potential ambiguity (Brief
>~ Brown) is nice.

Which suggest the 'br-' bit should stay!

Maybe 'brl' - brief~Brown language ~ brill(iant)   :)

Thanks also all others who've replied - I'm thinking....