A lir Christian Thalmann sekalge
The Obrenje "while" is in fact a 64th of a "sector", which in turn is
an 8th of a day.  Similarly, a "moment" is a 64th of a "while".

Do those who speak Obrenje use a base 8 counting system?

I've never seen the name Christian (without trailing -e or -a) being
used in a female sense, though I keep hearing that it exists in the
US.  Weird.

Yes, well, there are rumors, but it's always the next town over, in
another tavern of the same name, told by someone who heard from someone
who heard it at the market. I've never seen a female Christian, though
there is one in a movie (perhaps "Kristian").

And it's /t_h/ rather than /T/? May the Latin alphabet (the diphthongs,
at least) wither in Hell.

The orange
Chris Wright