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>1. coffee / bitter drink / culturally distinctive drink

Here they are in Dublex (

caf: coffee -- the beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee seeds
[From Italian 'caffe' (itself from Arabic /kahwa/), which has been borrowed
into most languages; see ]

>2. tea / herbal tea

caflet: tea -- a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water

>3. steep / brew

licsaditsu:  steep, infuse -- sit or let sit in a liquid to extract a flavor
or to cleanse

>4. pastry / biscuits / cookies

sucarsanj: cookie, biscuit -- any of various small flat sweet cakes

>5. milk

malact: milk -- white nutritious liquid secreted by animals and used as food
by human beings
[Blend of Russian /malako/, English /milk/ and Indo-European *g(a)lakt-,
extant in Greek 'galakt-' (whence English 'galaxy'), Latin 'lact-' (whence
English 'lactose', 'lactate', etc., Spanish 'leche', Italian 'latte',
Esperanto 'lakto', et al).]

>6. bitter

cafmucsens: bitter, bitterness -- the taste experience when quinine or
coffee is taken into the mouth
(WordNet's definition!  Most of my definitions are adapted from WordNet.

>7. sweet

sucarmucsens: sweet, sweetness, sugariness -- the taste experience when
sugar dissolves in the mouth

>8. wired / the feeling obtained after drinking 43 cups of coffee

cafsenta: wired, jittery -- very stimulated or excited, as from a stimulant
or a rush of adrenaline.

>9. mellow / calm / soothing (of music)

nontvelsent: easygoing, laid-back, mellow -- unhurried and relaxed feeling

>10. street vendor / coffee house / tea bar / the culturally appropriate
>place to buy a cup of tea or coffee

cafvend: cafe, coffeehouse, coffee shop, coffee bar -- a small restaurant
where drinks and snacks are sold

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