> 1. Do you think Stephen has a point?

Yes.  I mean, what's the Lojban term for "logical language", which includes
Loglan and others?

> 2. How do/did you choose the name for your conlang(s)?

Sen:esepera -- my phonetic simplification of Esperanto, meaning "without
hope", because Esperanto of course was not originally the name of the
language but a nom de plume of Zamenhof meaning "one who hopes".

Pitakosilano -- demonstrating all the consonants used in the language.  Sort
of like calling the alphabet the

Fith -- my LIFO alien language, a pun on Forth, the computer language that
inspired it

Roxhai -- my classificatory language based on Roget's categories, hence the
name; a modern answer to Ro, so I liked that it started with Ro

Kordron -- "orc speaker" -- guess I lose points there.

> Also, if you have any suggestions for a name for poor little nameless, but
> nicknamed 'BrSc', I'd be interested to read them - if only to get me to
> think of something more imaginative  ;)

How about "Rayban"? :-)