John Cowan comunu:

> My con-IAL started out as JIAL, for John's IAL.

What's the design goal of JIAL?

> Then I generated all
> the possible 2- and 3-syllable words (for content words) and assigned
> them randomly to the senses in WordNet.  (A mistake, I now think, because
> it means there is no derivational morphology to speak of.)

Shades of Classical Yiklamu.

Of course, one of the points of Dublex is to provide a derivational
morphology to WordNet definitions, but with only 4,800 compounds so far, its
far short of WordNet's ~75,000 words.

> I then weeded
> senses I considered low-priority out of the result, including the sense
> "Esperanto", which had been randomly assigned to "xuxuxi".  So the
> name of the language became "xuxuxi".

How is 'x' pronounced?

> Well, using xuxuxi phonology (consonants ptkbd gfscx mnl, vowels
> aeiou, all syllables CV, where c=/S/)

What was your criteria for designing the phonology?  Feel free to point me
to a past post if I missed it.  I assume /r/ was omitted because of
confusion with /l/ for international speakers, and /v/ omitted for /f/.  Why
did you omit the semiglides?

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