Jeffrey Henning scripsit:

> Shades of Classical Yiklamu.

Of course.

> How is 'x' pronounced?

[x] ~ [h].

> > Well, using xuxuxi phonology (consonants ptkbd gfscx mnl, vowels
> > aeiou, all syllables CV, where c=/S/)
> What was your criteria for designing the phonology?  Feel free to point me
> to a past post if I missed it.  I assume /r/ was omitted because of
> confusion with /l/ for international speakers, and /v/ omitted for /f/.

In fact [v] is part of /b/, and so with the other voiced fricatives.
You can render the voiced/voiceless stops as voiced/voiceless,
unaspirated/aspirated, or voiced fricative/stop.  The voiceless
fricatives are separate.

> Why did you omit the semiglides?

Oops.  I actually had to add r and y /j/ in order to get enough 2-syllable
words.  There was no need to add w, so I didn't.  The idea is to have just
enough phonemes to make sufficient words to cover a reasonable vocabulary
by applying the phonology rules.  I should rather have done without them, and
if I redesign the language, I may try to figure out a way to do so.

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