Christophe Grandsire scripsit:

> Dvorak is another key-mapping (IIRC DVORAK is named after the first six letters
> that appear in the first row, like QWERTY, and is meant IIRC to help touch-
> typing to be faster). But like QWERTY it is based on the relative frequency of
> letters in the English written language.

Dvorak is the name of the inventor (not the same as the composer Antonin!).
QWERTY was designed to slow down typing in an era of mechanical type
bars that jammed easily; Dvorak to speed it up (the commonest English
letters are on the home row, and the commonest of those under the
strongest fingers -- though there is a small right-handed bias).

Just how much it helps is a question.  The only large-scale study
was done by Dvorak himself, which introduces a different kind of bias.

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