> But the main drawbacks, as I see it, with such a scheme are:
> 1. I must include phonemes which are not "IAL-friendly"
> 2. There is no 'self-segregation' of morphemes in such a scheme.
> i.e. pushing brevity to its limits runs contrary to the other two goals of
> BrSc.
> That's the challenge of BrSc - to balance the three goals.  :)

Have you thought about having a goal of making sure the words are easy to

Herman Miller and I have been bouncing ideas off each other about what makes
a specific word easier to type than another -- important for a brief script
in today's world.  Obviously, words that start on the home keys are easier,
words that repeat a letter are easier, but beyond that while we have come up
with some algorithms we don't have anything definitive.  It should be
possible to write a script to give a word a score based on its letters.

BTW, when are you coming to the States next?

Fond regards,