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> It sounds to me as if by "France" you mean your immediate
> neighborhood.  The Académie Française and my edition of Le Robert
> insist on /rObinE/.  =)

Well, the Académie Française is *not* an example of modern French (they take
about 25 years per letter of the dictionary, and last time I checked they just
released J. So imagine how old is the R edition is!). As for the Robert, it
obviously shows the prescriptivist pronunciation. Bet it makes a difference
between [a] and [A], while this difference died out 15 years ago (and that I'm
a witness of). By the way, thanks to my studies I've come to know people from
everywhere in France, all accents and origins possible, and I've *never* heard
anyone pronounce final |et| as [E]. But if you want to do that be free to do
it, but don't wonder why people burst in laughs in front of you when you say to
them that the "[RObinE] fuit" :)))) .

Sorry to try and give you the most common pronunciation BTW. Just keep yours if
you want. But don't pretend to speak correctly French then...


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