On Tuesday 23 April 2002 07:44, Jan van Steenbergen wrote:


> What I remember from the article is this: it is not entirely
> forbidden by law (there are, at least, some holes in it), but instead
> of any kind of understanding from the side of our government, she was
> frequently "harrassed" by "leerplichtambtenaren".

I have neither the expertise to teach children all they need to learn
to get into high school, nor the energy to fight the system to that
extent. Also, fighting the system would go over the kids' backs, and
it's not worth that.

They're not unhappy (at least if we listen to them and talk to the
teachers if there's something that looks as if it might make them
unhappy, like our eldest daughter being put back a year and a half in
Dutch language to get on the level of the class) and they do learn
things in school, and there's a lot they can learn at home without
sitting down for "lessons" - they've discovered the atlas and the


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