Aidan further offers:

>   1. bunny / rabbit


>    1. That bunny has a knife!

Cha rhegdauns la sau zdörsaut bdan!

cha - the [4th decl., aff., sing.]
rhegdauns - rabbit [4th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
la - pres. aux
sau - a [2nd decl., aff., sing.]
zdörsaut [2nd decl., aff., sing., acc.]
bdan - hold (merely "having" it would hardly be a threat)

>    2. ferret

ngabdésens (new) (how did I know I woudn't have a word for "ferret"?)

>   2.  This is my ferret. She likes to dance!

Cha hengens la cha ngabdésens síten nöi. San la ba förhífez fautail!

cha - the [4th decl., aff., sing.]
hengens - this [4th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
ngabdésens - ferret [4th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
síten - my [4th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
nöi - be
san - she [4th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
ba - connects to verbs
förhífez - dance
fautail - like

>   3. knife


>   3.  The bunny with the knife is coming for me!

Cha rhegdauns höi sau zdörsaut bdanalön la sív goshrakh!

höi - marks the beginning of a participial or gerundive phrase
bdanalön - holding [4th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
sív - me [aff., locative]
goshrakh - come for, rush at (new)

>   4. alien / foreigner

jehab (means "foreign, strange"); frenaíaub (means "foreign, not from
this country")

>   4.  Does that alien eat people or not?

Che jehabauths helketh la chauk íalörsauch nzo höglozh?

che - the [7th decl., aff., sing.]
jehabauths - alien [7th decl., aff., sing., nom.] (newly formed from
extant elements)
helketh - that [7th decl., aff., sing., nom.]
chauk - the [2nd decl., aff., pl.]
íalörsauch - person [2nd decl., aff., pl. acc.]
nzo - "or not" (an adverb, like Chinese "dao4di", used when one is
trying to get to the bootom of something) (new)
höglozh - eat [interrogative mood]

>   5. ouch! / ow!

at! (new)

>   5.  Ouch! The rabbit with the knife cut off my arm!

At! Cha rhegdauns höi chau zdörsaut bdanalön lé chü rhíksüt síteküt çaidezh!

lé - past aux.
chü - the [5th decl., aff., sing.]
rhíksüt - arm [5th decl., aff., sing., acc.]
síteküt - my [5th decl., aff., sing., acc.]
çaidezh - cut off (new)

>    6. help!


>   6.  Help! I'm bleeding to death!

Kupaiaz! Sí la sfaiküzhangaz!

kupaiaz - help [hortative mood]
sí - I [aff., nom.]
la - pres. aux
sfaiküngamaz - bleed to death ("new" only in the sense that it hasn't
been used before; this is a perfectly acceptable use of the
"verb-to-death" structure)

>   7. aaaa! (a scream of terror)

íaaa! (new)

>   7.  Aaaaa! The rabbit is coming back!

Íaaa! Cha rhegdauns la semethauth!

semethauth - come back, return

>   8. aaaargh! (a scream of pain / failure / death)

bwaaa! (new)

>   8.  Aaaargh! It cut off my other arm!

Bwaaa! San lé chü rhíksüt dlakhaküt síteküt çaitezh!

dlakhaküt - other, latter [5th decl., aff., sing., acc.] (new)

>   9. grrrr! (an intimidating growl)

rhrhrh! (new)

>   9.  Grrrr! I will step on (crush / squish by foot) that rabbit!

Rhrhrh! Sí lí cha rhegdaunsat helkenat dvönökh!

sí - I [aff., nom.]
lí - future aux.
cha - the [4th decl., aff., sing.]
rhegdaunsat - rabbit [4th decl., aff., sing., acc.]
helkenat - that [4th decl., aff., sing., acc.]
dvövökh - step on (new)

>  10. blood


>   10. The rabbit cut off my legs. Look at the pretty pools of blood.

Cha rhegdauns lé chíl kfölsím sítelím çaidezh. Chöi zhangatsöit sük
sedhböiksüf techetneküf hüdimtel.

lé - past aux.
chíl - the [6th decl., aff., dual]
kfölsím - leg [6th decl., aff., dual., acc.]
sítelím - my [6th decl., aff., dual., acc.]
chöi - the [3rd decl., aff., sing.]
zhangatsöit - blood [3rd decl., aff., sing., acc.]
sük - indef. art. [5th decl., aff., pl.]
sedhböiksüf - pool, puddle [5th decl., aff., pl., instr.] (new)
techetneküf - beautiful, pretty [5th decl., aff., pl., instr.]
hüdimtel - look (at), watch [imperative mood] (the style of this
sentence is rather informal).

There now. All caught up. Thanks again, Aidan!