At 7:57 PM +0100 04/24/02, Raymond Brown wrote:

> 2. How do/did you choose the name for your conlang(s)?

Depends. Térnaru is derived from the root *térna, from which the
word Térnad, the name of the species, is derived. The suffix
-ru, along with -kwant have a similar suffixing -ish or -ese
in English when naming languages. -d on the other hand denotes
being part of a group, e.g. *Érad = Irish (person).

Eretas means just `speech'. It's one of those unoriginal ones.
Even though there's no conculture associated with it, I sort of
see it as being the language of a nomadic tribe. They'd use
`speech' to refer to their own language and `noise' to refer to
the languages of others, much as the greeks did with the word

The Ananagyu's language is as yet unnamed. For now, I'm just
calling it KMG-Vampric-1 until I find a proper name.