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> --- Danny Wier wrote:
>> Now an instrument that I'd LOVE to use in my compositions is a Heckelphone,
>> which is one octave lower than an oboe or one octave higher than a bassoon,
>> and has a dark rich sound more like the latter. <ZNiiP> I've heard short
samples >>of a Heckelphone and the sound is really something else, and makes
me think of a >>more "baroque"-sounding tenor saxophone.

    This is the best description of the Heckelphone's qualities I have come
across! (I knew an oboist/bassoonist/digiridoo-player in my Uni. of Houston
days {"daze"}... she rented a Heckelphone once to do some part in a Strauss
piece... costed her orchestra $1,000 US a day!!!)

> [ . . .]
>First of all, I agree with you, that it is a VERY interesting and VERY
>beautiful instrument.

    Yep... Since hearing my friend's Heckelphone and digiridoo playing, I
recurrently dream of hearing a piece with Heckelphone, digiridoo, cello,
bull-roarer, and two amplified toy pianos (one small "upright", one "baby
grand") in the middle of a desert ghosttown... truly haunting and poignant...
    [BTW I am getting a toy piano soon... :) ]

The problem with both Heckelphones and baritone oboes is, that there are
>very little instruments available (I once heard, that in Holland there are
>six Heckelphones), and as a result, very little players. <SNiP>

    Believe it or not,  Texas -circa mid-1980's - had 3 Heckelphones. One in
Houston, one in Dallas and one in "undisclosed location, private ownership."

>For further listening I recommend:
> [ . . .]
> - Dipl'ereoo, a work by a Dutch composer, Cornelis de Bondt, IIRC for choir,
>two celli, two double-basses, two Heckelphones, two bass clarinets, and
>more I can't remember right now. I performed it once with my choir; it
>is an amazing pieces. <ZNiiP>

    I wonder if Dipl'ereoo has been recorded to CD yet...

>- Richard Strauss used it sometimes in the orchestra (Salome and Elektra,
>I think).

    IIRC yep, both...

>Heckelphone in Hattic would be "hekelfon". Surprised?

    in creolegoplex:
    precise musical name = _ Heckel-aerfon _  [log in to unmask]
     _ ecullv'on_ /ekuL.v_hon/ for short, "v'onativizi" (phonativized) form

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