On Thursday 25 April 2002 02:46, Christopher wrote:

> Kaidha.


> 1. Do you think Stephen has a point?

No, I don't. Half (perhaps most) the languages in the world have a name
that means either "language" or "of X" where X is the country where
it's spoken or the people who speak it.

> 2. How do/did you choose the name for your conlang(s)?

At first, I called the language of Valdyas "Valdyan" because it was the
language of Valdyas :-)

I knew this was only the English term, and its speakers called it
something else, but I didn't know what. Suddenly, out of the blue, my
subconscious came up with "Ilaini", "the languages", which is perfectly
appropriate, because there's no one standard language but a mish-mash
of dialects.

After I'd announced this on the list I realized that I'd toyed with
"Tailaini", "the little languages " = "the dialects" for a while and
forgotten it. That would perhaps have been even more appropriate if I
didn't dislike the tai-lai impression it makes. In fact it's in four
syllables, [ta.i'] with neither 'tai' nor 'lai', but that doesn't
show in transliterated writing (it does in Valdyan writing, 'a'
followed by 'i' is a very different beast than 'ai').

Also, there are far too many languages starting with T already :-)


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