On Friday 26 April 2002 10:23, Christophe wrote:

> Well, that's against everything I've been taught, whether by my Dutch
> teacher or by most Dutch people I know. Dutch "g" *is* /G/. Only in
> the North of the Netherlands it is realised [x] (and in ABN, it's
> supposed to be [G]).

What?! Everything I've been taught points to it being [x] in ABN.
There's no difference in ABN pronunciation between "lach" and "lag";
both are [lAx]. The voiced version is southern dialect.

(of course, what you below the rivers call "the North" we above the
rivers call "normal" :-)

> That is not true! My friend is from Brabant, and his "soft g" is
> certainly not palatal! It's clearly a voiced velar fricative!

You've said it! It's a *voiced* velar fricative because he's from
Brabant. What people from Brabant speak is not the standard, much as
they'd like it to be: it's an accepted regional variant.


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