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> I don't quite understand what you both mean under the terms "tense"
> and
> "lax" (they seem rather Eurocentric),

I'd even say "Anglocentric". The only time I ever saw them used in French was
to describe English phonology :)) . As I explained, I don't find anything
specially lax to [I], nor anything specially tensed to [i]. And I find the
latter much easier to produce than the former. But as you know, difficulty in
language is always relative.

 but as I mentioned before, in
> Ukrainian the situation is vice versa: you get [E] in stressed
> syllables,
> and [e] in unsterssed.

That's a strange one! But it's nice :)) .

> > And then, of course, there's English.  It has /E/ as a phoneme, but
> > /e/ only in the diphthong /eI/.
> Which is pronounced [EI] or even [Ey] in some dialects...

Or simply [e] :)) .


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