Christopher B Wright sikyal:

> A sound change affected final /k/. Now, one letter represents /k/ or,
> when final, /x/. Could the /x/ pronunciation be preserved regardless of
> inflections?
> For instance, arc- "bear" is pronounced /arx/, but would arca "bear
> (nom)" be /arxa/?

Let's get those orthographies right, people.  You mean to say [arxa], I
assume--a *phonetic* value.  The underlying *phonemic* value is /arka/ no
matter what.

So your question depends.  Do you want it to be [arxa]?  If so you just
rewrite your rule so that /k/ goes to [x] at the end of a morpheme.  If
you want [arka], then make /k/ only go to [x] at the end of a word.

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