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   brought to you by C (for crafts) and B (for beads) and prep/post-positions.

1. bead (n)--palamicha = ball-decoration
There are beads all over the place!
Palapalamicha akingimo umanamana!
Ball-ball-decoration un-gather in-place-place!

2. thread (n)--mipe = fiber ; tochi = thread, cord, cable, wire
I have thread stuck in my teeth.
Mipemuha ahito upiki kikika kami.
Fiber-[of]-food jams in-interval [of] teeth [of]-me.

3. needle--tuhi
Ow! I sat on a needle!
Au! Apakonyu tuhi!
Ouch! Sit-in needle!

4. sew (v)--kuno
My sister sewed me to the chair.
Nochapami atoli taikunonyu pecho wekami.
Lady-sibling already makes-sewed-in seat #direct object#-me.

5. bead (v)., kaimaipalamicha = make-have-ball-decoration
put beads on something--taipalamichanye
make something with beads--taipalamichanya
He beaded a bunny with a knife. He's sick in the head.
Kama atoli taichilanya taipalamichanye nani. Kama akacha pochu.
He already knives-up-into ball-decorating-to rabbit. He is-extreme crazy.

6. spill--chulinya kingimo = pour-into un-gathering
Dang! I spilled my beads into my coffee!
Heku! Ataichulinya taikingimo palapalamicha umihokape kami!
Sorrow! Pour-into un-gathering ball-ball-decoration in-beverage-coffee me!

7. cut--kechi ; taikechi
Cut the thread between this spot and that spot, please.
Pula itaikechi tochi upiki kama manang watingipi kama manang.
Demand that-cut thread in-interval this place-its and-other this place-its.

8. shiny--yapinu = which-shines ; yamaipinu = which-has-shining
Those beads are shiny. I like shiny things.
Kama palapalamicha apinu. Acholi pichipichi yapinu.
Those ball-ball-decorate shine. [I] like thing-thing that-shine.

9. stitch (n)--penakuno = knot-sewing
For this stitch, bring the thread through the bead, over the previous
bead, under the thread, and back through the bead again.
Ekama penakuno aikamu anehi taikichu tochi utuhe chana palamicha aunohi
palamicha yapangame amani unongohi tipi tochi amani mochi utuhe tipi palamicha.
To-this knot-sewing #topic#-you need insert thread in-through inside
ball-decoration and-in-above ball-decoration which-un-next and-again in-un-above
same thread and-again back in-through same ball-decoration.

10. obsessive--chaipochuchile / obsessed with--pochuchile = be-crazy-interested
/ obsessing about--kaipochuchile
Lately, I find my self obsessed with beads.
Apochuchile palamicha uhino pihi.
[I] am-crazy-interested ball-decoration in-recent now.