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>    Ok, I'm curious as to the region in which the meaning changes.

>    When I was growing up, "fruitcake" ment a wacko (full of nuts
> and
> colorful mystery bits), and "fruity" or "fruit" was a rather obscure
> term
> for a gay man.

>    I know Anita Bryant (*iiickyyyy*, just typing that makes me want
> to
> bleach my keyboard) was very fond of the words "fruity" and "fruit",
> and I
> think she was the first I heard use "fruitcake" to refer to a gay
> man.

Who's Anita Bryant?
In the NYC Metro area i don't think there's much of a connection between
"fruity" and "fruitcake"... i've heard the adjective "fruity" (meaning
'like a stereotypical gay male, effeminate') a lot more often than the
noun "fruit", though.  And "fruitcake" i can only remember hearing in the
"crazy like an inedible dessert full of surprises" sense.

-Stephen (Steg)
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