From: "Jan van Steenbergen" <[log in to unmask]>

> Isn't it common among homosexuals to apply such terms, used by outsiders
> a derogatory manner, on themselves (in a non-derogatory or sometimes
> way)? I have quite some friends in Holland who proudly call themselves
> "flikkers" (one of the more common of our VERY numerous words for it,
> be translated "queers"), perhaps in the same way that black people have no
> problem calling themselves "niggers".

Actually, the form used, the more affectionate term used among
African-Americans, is "nigga". But there's heavy debate in the community
over that word, which of course was and is still used against them by
non-blacks; in fact, Public Enemy (one of my favorite old-school rap groups,
though they're a major promoter of Nation of Islam) in one of their songs
protested being called "nigga" by anybody, black or otherwise.

Incidentally, according to the great philosopher George Carlin, the Dutch
term |flikken| means "to strike" and is actually cognate with another
infamous English word beginning with "f".