On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 17:55, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> For the format of the Journal, I hear and agree on the idea of having something
> with hyperlinks. I also think in this case layout is important, which means PDF
> is the only format possible allowing both things. There's just one problem: I
> have no idea how to make hyperlinks for a PDF file with the tools I have now (I
> have now a very good PDF converter, but I still have to explore its
> possibilities, especially when the original file is a PS file).

How are you converting the LaTeX source to a PDF? I'm pretty sure that
dvipdfm and PDFLaTeX can make hyperlinks, can't remember how exactly.
I'm pretty sure that at least one is used in conjunction with the url
package. (I prefer dvipdfm, but I think that's because I was using an
older version of PDFLaTeX and got into the dvipdfm-habit (and so my
special package uses dvipdfm specials to do things).)

> For people who write their articles in LaTeX, I will make a
> special "conlang journal" package, containing the layout commands and some
> things to help you writing the articles. I can send it to you on request.

Consider this a request. Although I can't promise an article in return.
I'm not very good at writing stuff (or at least, I don't consider myself
good at writing stuff. When provided with a topic, I can come up with a
good short story when I have to).

> As for the layout of the journal itself, the first issue will be simple: two-
> columns, two-sided. I will need the experience of making the journal to enhance
> its looks. Of course, I can handle colours without a problem, but the text
> should stay in black with a white background (if only for ease of reading :)) ).

If you want my help with some formatting stuff, I've fiddled around
writing a draft for a conlang grammar that really sucks at this stage.
But the layout's cool. IMHO.

> There were a few very kind people ready to help me with the journal, at least
> for correcting articles. Could you please send me again an e-mail, privately,
> so that I can add your e-mail address to my agenda (if it's not already
> done :) ). I would like also to know what you can do (orthographic and
> typographic correction, conversion, etc...) and what file formats you can read,
> so that I know what to give to each of you. Thank you in advance!

I realise I'm not one of the people, and I realise that this isn't a
private email, but I can help with orthographic and typographic
correction in LaTeX and HTML.

BTW: Have you heard of the Omega project? It might come in handy with
this project. It's basically adding Unicode+ (a custom superset of
Unicode that includes extra formatting characters) support to TeX (and
Lambda which is Omega+LaTeX). It's homepage is Depending on what TeX distribution
you're using, you might already have Omega in it. If you don't, it might
be a bit tricky getting it working. There's not much good documentation
at Omega website, but there is a mailing list
([log in to unmask]). I might be able to help with it if you
want to use it, but I've only tinkered a bit in that area.