On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 21:50, Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> I'd rather use them too (I have both), but they don't work that well. For
> instance, dvipdfm doesn't work with the Astou grammar I'm currently writing,
> and PDFLaTeX does work but messes up with the IPA characters. So I use PDF995,
> which works perfectly from any file format, make good looking PDFs and includes
> the fonts correctly :) . But I'm not sure whether it can handle links, and
> how...

I've gathered you're using TIPA for IPA characters, yes? When I used
Windows and MikTeX, I couldn't ever seem to get it to use the PostScript
Times IPA fonts, so PDF output looked ugly. Upgrading to TIPA 1.1 beta
fixed that problem up (1.1 beta is the currently recommended version, if
you aren't already using it).

How does dvipdfm 'not work' with the Astou grammar? I think I may have
come across the same problem once before, but can't remember how I fixed
it. If you want to send me the LaTeX sources, I'll see if I can't
remember ;)

> > Consider this a request. Although I can't promise an article in
> > return.
> > I'm not very good at writing stuff (or at least, I don't consider
> > myself
> > good at writing stuff. When provided with a topic, I can come up with
> > a
> > good short story when I have to).
> >
> Noted! I haven't begun writing it, but when it's done you'll be the first to
> receive it (note that you may need a few other packages to use it, since it'll
> probably include packages like e.g. TIPA for IPA characters).

No probs there ;)

> >
> > If you want my help with some formatting stuff, I've fiddled around
> > writing a draft for a conlang grammar that really sucks at this stage.
> > But the layout's cool. IMHO.
> Just send me the layout then, thanks! I'll see what I can do with it :)) .

Okay, I'll neaten it up somewhat and give it to you. Although it'll
probably not work well for this kind of thing.

> > I realise I'm not one of the people, and I realise that this isn't a
> > private email, but I can help with orthographic and typographic
> > correction in LaTeX and HTML.
> Duly noted :) . You're added to the Conlang Journal group :)) .


> Well, I have indeed Omega installed (my installation is the latest full MikTeX
> installation), but I've looked at it a little and didn't understand anything
> about how it works, nor how compatible it is with normal LaTeX2e :(( . So right
> now I don't know what to do with it.

The documentation on Omega is rather lacking, isn't it? I think it's
main advantage, is it's ability to do Unicode stuff. And the extra cool
ligatures in the OmegaSerif typeface ;)

As far as I can tell, Lambda is pretty compatible with normal LaTeX2e.
There's the odd bug in it, as is to be expected, but it loads packages
quite nicely etc.

And another note: are you on the ling-tex mailing list? Very low volume,
it's main advantage is that TIPA stuff is announced there ;)
Subscription info at And has more LaTeX for
Linguistics stuff at it. (Can't remember how I found either, so I don't
know if it was easy or not, so best to let you know.)