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>    1. coffee / bitter drink / culturally distinctive drink

caua /ka"ua/

>        I used to drink coffee.

Pitru dťnuo caua /"pitru "dEnuO ka"ua/
I-drank HABITUAL coffee

>    2. tea / herbal tea

chai /"tSai/

>    4. pastry / biscuits / cookies

culanul /ku"lanul/

>        She had pastry with her coffee once.

Crezhne culanuli cum cauan ziŽ.
/"krEZnE kula"nuli kum ka"uan zi"jE/
She-ate pastries with coffee her

>        She had pastry with her coffee every day.

Crezhne shi-dŽnŠn culanuli cum cauan ziŽ.
/"krEZnE SidjE"nan kula"nuli kum ka"uan zi"jE/
She-ate every=day.DAT pastries with coffee her

Verdurian doesn't use "dťnuo", the habitual particle, if the habitual
aspect is already clear from words such as "every day, on Sundays,
always", etc.

>    5. milk


>        She doesn't take milk in her tea.

Rho prene lema cum chain ziŽ
/RO "prEnE "lEma kum "tSain zi"jE/
Not she-takes milk.ACC with tea.DAT her

>    6. bitter


>        The coffee was very bitter today.

Soa caua fue lyŲ embrŽ eludŽno.
/sO ka"ua "fuE L2 em"brjE elu"djEnO/
The coffee was very bitter today.

>        The coffee was bitter every day.

Soa caua fue lyŲ embrŽ shi-dŽnŠn.
/... SidjE"nan/
The coffee was very bitter every=day.DAT

>    7. sweet


>        He likes his tea too strong and too sweet for us.

Ditave chaa ziŽ tro tsessš and tan.
/di"tavE "tSaa zi"jE trO tsEs."sa: and tan/
He-prefers tee.ACC his too sweet.ACC for us.DAT

(Not sure how to translate "strong" here.)

>    9. mellow / calm / soothing (of music)


>         The music they play is too mellow for my taste.

Soa aladhea kiom pŽtu e tro zhelsŽ and sen.
/sO ala"DEa "qiOm "pjEtu E trO ZEl"sjE and sEn/
The music which they-play is too calm for me.

>    10. street vendor / coffee house / tea bar / the culturally appropriate
> place to buy a cup of tea or coffee

caunŠe /kau"naE/   "coffee house"
chainŠe /tSai"naE/   "tee house"

>         That street vendor always had the best tea, but then his wife left him.

So zhusec im ce-caunŠen fsŽgdŠ tence soa mudhe dobrš chaa,
/so "ZusEk im kEkau"naEn fsjE"gda "tENkE sO "muDE do"bra: "tSaa/
The vendor in that=coffee-house always he-had the most good tea

ac vremya cira ziŽ ilun fšsre.
/ak "vrEmja "kira zi"jE "ilun "fa:srE/
but at-that-time wife his.REFL him she-left

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