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> What a relief it is to see sanity & common sense!  Thanks, Cristophe -
> maybe Gallic logic and clarity is a myth; it's the Normans who are so
> endowed  :))

Hehe, it has always been my opinion :))) (and my four-year stay in Paris only
reinforced this opinion. I'm still not completely cured of this stay ;) ).
Funny enough, in my ongoing conversation with Hanuman Chang, I was just saying
the same thing yesterday :))) .

> Exactly! There are differences between morphology, syntax and
> semantics.
> Good grief! even my better computer students know the difference
> between
> syntax and semantic.

Well, I think you have to excuse Ebera as being new to this, but it's true that
his tone is inexcusable (even for a French, whose propension to pretention -
wow! What a phrase! - is not only a myth :(( ).


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