On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 06:28:48PM -0400, agricola wrote:
> >> [...] Please keep politics off the list, however worthy the cause.
> >Aren't you overreacting a bit?
> No. Politics are tedious and boring, and don't have a place here.
> It's one of the Tabu subjects (along with religion, which can also be tedious and boring in the wrong hands) which are best discussed in a special forum or else amongst interested parties.

Seconded. Sexual preference is another. (No, I am NOT going to start that
one here.)

> Both these topics are Guaranteed to generate flames and ill will.
> Sometimes inadvertently, sometimes intentionally (I've been subject to
> both).
> I am 100% with Irina here: please keep politics off this list!

Seconded. Or, as the Ebisedi would say, ObConlang,

> This is true; to a great extent we are most tollerant of offtopic
> threads. Keep in mind that there are topics that people are not so good
> at discussing. Politics is one, and it is best to keep such off list.
> Remember, you're dealing with an international crowd here, all of whom
> have divergent opinions on how the world should be.

And that's not even going near internationality yet. Just within the same
culture, people can have intensely opposing political views.

> >joke, or a poem, or a thought, there have been threads about music
> Such topics _rarely_ generate the strong emotions that politics and
> religion do [everything from disdain to outright hatred and violence].
> Do we _have_ to invite all that here? It's bad enough when the languag
> related threads get heated!

One word: IAL. ;-)

> [Now, if only those misguided Bach lovers would come around and see
> sense. Vivaldi! Viva Vivaldi!]

Ahhh, all kneel to Beethoven! ;-)

>>and literature... Nothing wrong with going off-topic from time to
>>time, as long as it doesn't end up in endless chitchat that might
>>obscure the serious conlang part.
> Chitchat is another problem; but not as unhappy a situation as the hurt
>feelings after a good old political flamewar.

On the topic of chitchat... a few hereby unnamed conlang members have
resorted to private email with me for chitchat. I highly commend their
example here.

> >caused some excellent conlangers to leave the list or to go off-mail
> >for an undetermined period of time.
> Which makes political chitchat better in what way?

Just FWIW, people might want to know that I would be the next person to go
nomail if conlang gets flooded with political [excuse the word] drivel.
Not that I consider myself an "excellent conlanger", but I'm not sure I'm
alone in this sentiment.

Anyway, having said this much. Can this thread die here, please? I know
I'm being presumptuous for putting myself in the place to speak last, but
nevertheless, can this thread die here, please?



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