Wha hunh?

>I'd expect most Conlangers are INTPs (Introvert Senser Thinker Perciever)
>These people love logical systems, such as language, mathematics, physics,
>any science, and computers.  I know I am.

Oh my, no no no no no no....

Couldn't stand math at all. Physics to me was just math but the students had
these calculators that you could use to play tetris. I'm no mathematician or
scientist: I'm mostly a musician. The only science I ever dug was biology --
and I only took that cause I needed four credits and it was the only science
that didn't involve math. Computers (scream) to me are the boxes that you
tell to do something and then watch helplessly as they proceed to follow
their own whims. Language, on the other hand, I deeply dig (or I wouldn't be
writing one!), but I don't think it's a "logical system". My own language
reflects this. It is full of idioms, inconsistancies, exceptions, and
beautiful beautiful irregularities. It's an "illoglan".

And I know I'm not alone in deliberately making one this way.


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