Chang wrote:
>In a message dated 05/31/2002 04.31.23 PM, [log in to unmask] writes:
> >I wouldn't force myself to be someone I'm not just for
> >the sake of recognition or acceptance.
>     Hehe, I think the few Asians (you, Yoon , me... mayhaps a lurker or
>here on this list "prove" to me my pet-theory that conlanging is _not_ a
>thing done by the more convention-bound, Confucianist-influenced and
>"up-tight, Type A" Asians ;)

That reminds me; is Yoon Ha still with us? I remember thinking a week ago or
so that it's a pity she seems never to post these days. Anybody knows what
she's up to nowadays?

Or are you just lurking, Yoon Ha?


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