LOL!  This is great!  Of course, everyone knows that the TRUE IAL is
Volafek (/volaf@k/), in which nearly every word, by pure coincidence, of
course, happens to resemble a swear word and/or racial slur.  :-)

> It is euphonious and beautiful. It has a strict
> penultimate stress rule and final vowels on most
> words, which make it sound just like Italian (only
> better, because Idino has way more sounds than
> Italian), which objectively is one of the world's most
> beautiful languages.

No, no!  Georgian is the world's most beautiful language!  ;-)

> Esperanto wisely recognises that vowels are tedious
> and should be kept to a minimum, and yet does not go
> far enough in this. To improve matters, we have
> removed the unnecessary letter e.

So, how do you say "Esperanto" in Idino?  Spranto?  :-)

> tx (like the
> th in thin) dx (a click), bx (a voiced bilabial
> fricative), rx (a flap), and nx (like the ng in sing).
> The newly revamped, smaller, yet more international
> vocabulary makes good use of these!

But, what about implosives and ejectives?  We need at least 100 sounds!

> 2. Phonotactics
> What's that?

I think it means "tactics to ensure that someone phones you"  ;-)

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