On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 06:57, H. S. Teoh wrote:

> This goes also for my conlang's Roman orthography -- because of the large
> number of glyphs required to represent my conlang's letters, I needed a
> lot of diacritics and unusual letterforms. So I didn't manage to actually
> write the orthography on a computer until recently, when I wrote an
> orthography-to-LaTeX program, which took the ASCII version of the
> orthography (a very ugly system involving digits, capital letters, and
> duplicated vowels, to make up for the poverty of the Roman alphabet), and
> translated it into even more obscure LaTeX code, but which LaTeX turns
> into a beautifully crafted orthography. You can admire the results here:
> (I don't have a PDF version of it, sorry -- my PS-to-PDF convertor sucks.
> Maybe Christophe G. can do me a favor and do the conversion for me... but
> it may not be worthwhile since this document is still under construction
> and is changing very rapidly.)

I don't know if it's your fault or mine, but whenever I convert
PostScript files from you into PDFs (or get PDFs from you), they look
really rather dodgy, even though PS files I generate from LaTeX sources
come out nicely nicely. So would I be able to steal the sources off you
and generate my own PDFs? (I dislike the interfaces of all the PS
viewers out there that I've used, much preferring Adobe's (proprietary)
Acrobat 4 for Linux's.)

(I imagine the problem is that your computer doesn't have Type 1 PS
fonts accessible by the LaTeX-to-PS driver.)