Stephen DeGrace writes:
 > I wonder how many of these exist. I'm thinking of a
 > "satirical language", a full or partial language
 > invented solely to satirise a language or group of
 > languages. I think I might like to take a shotgun to a
 > group of language, you know, not really try and hit
 > anything, just lob a few bullets for fun and out of a
 > sense of pathetic boorishness. I'd call such a
 > creature a "satlang". This of course is just a comment
 > out of the blue and has no bearing on anything else.
 > It would be fun to at least try some kind of send-up,
 > though, some time. Of course, the reasons for sch a
 > thing would be harmless jolity - never semi-malicious
 > shit disturbing :).
 > Stephen

Your following post (which I found quite amusing) reminds me of
certain parts of

which I read a while ago.  I'm sure that some here are familiar with
this document.

Incidentally, my email database now lists you as

Stephen DeGrace
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