> My definition of "mauve" (I don't know if you have it in English too, if
> I'm talking French here :)) ) is entirely personal and has nothing to do
> the actual value the majority of people give to it. For most of them,
> is a kind of light purple. For me, it's a kind of pinky purple. I don't
> where I got that one, but I can't get rid of it. I just associate "mauve"
> it and nothing else.

Mauve to me is kind of like a dark rosy purple. O_o Most of my color
come from crayons :)

Traffic lights go red-yellow-green in america too, or at least California. I
wouldn't call the middle light (a.l. here)orange. I'd call it yellow-orange
if you made
me, but to me it's still in the realm of yellow.
I've noticed people will disagree with colors if it matters but otherwise
not too
much (IE to my sister, "Why are you wearing pink pants and a red shirt?"
they're both red!" The pants were very pink. :P)
As for colors, I know people who STILL can't name the primary colors, or who
think it's red-yellow-green (from the lights no doubt ;) or red-green-blue
in fact I find it's as difficult to explain to some people that orange (for
example) is red
and yellow as it is to explain to them why p and b are related.

> "Mauve" is very much a colour name in English.  The
> > word is the name of an artist (what's it called when a
> > word comes from a person's name?) and the school of
> > art that evolved around him.

Epigram? (not sure off te top of my head)

> The first time I ran into indigo in the rainbow was on
> a children's science programme on public TV--They made
> an acrostic mnemonic, a made-up name of Roy G. Biv to
> remember the order of the colours in the spectrum.
> But at the time I suspected that they slipped in
> indigo to make it pronounceable, because I couldn't
> justify it with my crayon box.  I considered
> "blue-violet" to be indigo, and it was much darker
> than the "violet".

There was an "Indigo" on rainbow brite, too. (As I venture
way off topic.) Yeah, I hardly ever see anything referred
to as indigo either.

> And as for the rainbow, how on Earth do they get 7 colors out of it?  I
> can only see, at most, 5 - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and of
> those, orange I rarely see.

Do you mean a real rainbow (the ones you see in the sky?)
It probably has something to do with prisms, which probably
split the light into more...uh...vivid...things,
(I'm sick, sorry for my bad writing)
 though I don't happen to have one handy to check the existance
of orange.
Actually, of those, I have the hardest time seeing green in a real
-Kendra -- Vade Mecum (comic)