--- Stephen DeGrace wrote:

> I wonder how many of these exist. I'm thinking of a "satirical language",
> a full or partial language invented solely to satirise a language or group
> of languages. [...] I'd call such a creature a "satlang".

Interesting question. Personally, I have always been convinced that one of the
finest forms of art is the parody (Is conlanging art? Doesn't matter, at least
it sometimes behaves like art!).

There are a few examples I can think of:

- Fjinnjikulla (by Tommaso Donnarumma)
"Fjinnjikulla is a game language (the simplest kind of conlang), a clever
masquerade of Italian (but it can also be applied to other Western languages
with minor revisions), based on a set of rules that transform its orthography
into something with a would-like-to-be-Finnish look."

- The Conlangs of Destruction (by Cthulhu):
  * Cthalien - "the language of demons, demonic hoards, and apparently,
gerbils, reflecting their particularly goal-oriented thought process."
  * Granolish - "the language of romantic relationships. Billed as 'the only
auxlang you'll ever need.'
Cases: the dismissive, the abusive, and the obsessive.
Tenses: sentimental, nostalgic, accusatory, emancipatory, platitudinous,
lookie, anticipatory, apprehensive, vengeful.
Past accusatory/Conjugation: end these statements with the phrase, '... didn't
  * Gist - "This rule-free 'conlang' boasts an ever-changing vocabulary for
extraordinary flexibility. Lacking a grammar or vocabulary per se, it can be
described only through its distinctive method. Boasts a rich historical
tradition, and traces of it can be found in the works of Lewis Carroll."
  * Witness - "a philosophical language gone bad. Based on the inarticulate
sounds of Ludwig Wittgenstien, it quickly mutated out of control. It was last
seen ravishing the countryside near Portland, Connecticut. A reward is being
offered for its capture."
  * Syntactograms - "a hieroglyphic orthography, where every glyph communicates
one sentence."

The text between quotes is not mine, by the way.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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